Contribute to the development of BIBFRAME Lite + Supporting Vocabularies

The Linked Data vocabularies defined on this site are being shaped by Zepheira's Practical Practitioner Linked Data training series which focuses on libraries, their data, their audiences, and their local needs. The definition of these vocabularies and supporting translation are done by volunteers and are designed to be (relatively) easy to collaborate on. Vocabularies, and their translations, are written in markdown and managed collaboratively on github. Here is an example

      # Resource

      * synonyms: <> <>
      * label: Resource
      * description: Most generic Bibframe entity
      * properties: label description image link rightsStatement controlCode related language date audience note authorityLink
      * scope:

And here is an example of the french translation of this vocabulary term

      # Resource

      * label: Ressource
      * description: Entité Générique; Ce qu'on doit décrire

If you feel comfortable editing text using the above structure and are interested in helping with translations, please contact us to join the community of people working on these Linked Data vocabularies.